Friday, March 9, 2012


I am officially 33 pounds lighter than before.
Even though things were not perfect in San Diego. Even though I did not stay perfectly on track, Isagenix still worked. Because it is a lifestyle change, not just diet. Sometimes I wanted to just walk away and right into the kitchen and eat all the yumminess (and sometimes, I did) but I kept at it. I went on my walks with my dad, then stepped up the pace and went out without him. I tried to balance out the food with my shakes. Over all it totally worked. Yes, I could have lost more while I was there, but let's look at the facts:
My dad had cancer.
My dad needed major surgery.
While he was in the hospital (almost 3 weeks) I didn't have time in the schedule to really walk or work out.
My mom was exhausted and my sister was too stressed out and then she was gone, so I was the rock.
I used to be a full emotional eater...stuffing feelings down. Not so much this time.

God has graciously healed me of that. Did I do perfectly? NO!
Was I successful? YES!!

So that's my update.
I lost weight while going through something incredibly stressful and life changing.
And that's a very good thing indeed.

On the homefront my husband dropped at least 24 pounds. Not because I wasn't here to feed him...that would usually lead to fast food and pre-packaged stuff. Some church people even brought him meals! What wonderful friends!
He lost weight because he stuck to the Isagenix plan...even without me here! I am so proud of him. It makes my heart so happy. He chose it. He feels good, he looks good. It's wonderful.

Thank you to all praying for us and throwing support my way! It's nice to have cheerleaders.

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Give me a C.... (That's me cheerleading.)