Thursday, March 29, 2012

Roller Coaster

Ever have a time in your life when it feels like you are riding a roller coaster? What? Everyday you say?

As my daughter's are now out of the house, and I slowly watch as they clean out the room they once occupied, I plan. I plan for what that room will become.

As I watch my son create and grow and learn and change, I watch. I can not plan his future. I can guide, and teach, but only watch.

As I build my new business and learn new things, and have high moments and moments of dissappointment, I am the one growing, and planning.

As I listen to God, all plans may change anyway, but because I know this is always a possibility, I don't mind.
His plans are best anyway.

Friendships don't always survive growth.
Jobs don't always last (especially these days)
Even plans made today might be changed tomorrow.

But I will trust in my rock steady Lord.
And all will be well.
I am on the right path. Growing, stretching, learning to be a better me. Making hard choices, living with the consequences but ultimately getting to where I need to be.

When you feel like you are on a roller coaster, stop, pray and listen. Be still and KNOW that the Lord God is there for you, and will guide you.

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