Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let The Slogging Commence!

It's official. I am signed up for a 10K. Sure, it was supposed to be a 1/2 marathon, but then a whole mess of things changed, including , but not limited to, my being away from home for 6 weeks. Sure, I still walked while I was here, but it became very evident, and very quickly I need to add, that I was not ready for cement slogging. Cement has a way of reminding you of every single ounce you carry around with you. It was not a pleasant experience. I quickly scaled back and did fast walking instead. Training went out the window, and a simple goal of "stay active" replaced it.

Why the changes, other than pain? Mentally I was already dealing with the cancer that destroyed part of my father's back, and the original diagnosis, that included "life expectancy" rates. Seeing my father in so much pain was disturbing. Watching the whole thing play out felt like forever. I was missing my husband and kids terribly as well. I was missing out on an incredibly important physical connection, hugging and physical touch were missing from my daily life. God is my rock and my salvation, and I turned to Him for peace through the storm. I truly believe that's how I did so well, was able to communicate clearly with the hospital staff when something wasn't right and needed to be corrected. I was able to help my sister through the stress as well....ALL WHILE NOT STRESS EATING.
You read that right.
Sure, I wasn't perfect, I didn't stick to my plan 100%, but what I am doing is a lifestyle, not simply "a diet". I adapted to still enjoy where I was and who I was with. I still achieved good results too. I kept moving as well. I would walk with my dad as soon as he was able as a warm up and then kept going at a faster pace. Am I ready for this 10K? Nope, not yet.
But I will be.

I head home Monday (woohoo!) and I will hit my training hard to be ready by May.
I never though this health transformation could really happen. Isagenix really makes a huge difference, it makes everything easier.
I didn't know how bad I felt until I started feeling really good!!
I like feeling good.

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