Thursday, March 22, 2012


I awoke to a ukelele softly playing on my cell phone. I hit snooze. In a flash it was playing again. I know people do this everyday, drag themselves out of bed while it's still dark to do the things that must get done. Before I put on my workout clothes I step on the scale. Down 3 pounds this week, 2 in the last 2 days. I have broken through the stale mate. I know I was building muscles. I know muscle weighs more than fat...but I need that scale to move. It has a far way to go. Get dressed, brush my teeth manually with my electric toothbrush so I don't wake Aaron up and I step out into the rest of the house. It's much colder out here, but not nearly as bad as last week when the arctic storms blew through. I drink my wonderful Ionix, and head out the door. Still dark.
The road that leads where I need to go is twisty. I concentrate, watching animals scamper off of it as the headlights make their way through the darkness.
Why am I up?
 Why even do this to myself?
The song on the CD has lyrics of breaking through tough times, God's provision, His strength.
"Okay, got it " , I whisper back.
I arrive, the first one, even before the instructor.
This day there are only 3 of us, but we work hard, we laugh, we tell stories. They, in their early 20's having grown up together tell tales they don't want their future children to do themselves. I laugh.
We breathe hard, our muscles threatening to give out, but we finish.

I finish.
I drive back towards home feeling accomplished.
Sure, I didn't solve any world problems, but I did something that truly needed to be done, even if it was hard and uncomfortable.

I plan to keep doing things that are hard and uncomfortable. How else will anything change?

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Missy Shell said...

I pray that you are (daily) receiving encouragement equal to what you are bestowing on me. Truly.

Even though we're on different paths, paths designed for our individual bodies, I count it a tremendous blessing that we're on the same journey.

Here's to reclaiming our bodies in 2012! We can do this!!!