Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well, Well, Well.....

Things change fast.
Dad suddenly was restless and so much better, they sent him home. "Home" being my sister's house. This is good news. We start oncology visits tomorrow.

I praise God for his healing thus far. I see miracles from the original diagnosis and complicated surgery to what came to be and what is now known of his condition. Where some family members might say "isn't that lucky", I would say "That is God".

I miss my own little family terribly.

I've missed my son's basketball games, Grand Prix, seeing him after he nailed an audition and got a part. I am not there to cook for my family,help Aaron with his work or help Spencer with his schoolwork. I am sad, but I know it is necessary. I have great respect for military families kissing their loved ones goodbye for months, or even a year at a time.

I will make it through this. When I go home things will be different too. I no longer have the job I used to. I will make up the difference with my Isagenix, and Aaron and I will figure out together what to do next. God has our future, we just need to turn to Him and know we will be okay.

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aarong said...

I love you and miss you and I am proud that my wife is such a loving and helpful daughter and sister.