Monday, February 27, 2012


 My time down in southern California has been bitter sweet. Even though I am so very thankful I could help out, and really make a difference, and even though I am having precious time with my very close friends, and was able to witness the birth of super snuggly Charlotte...I am super excited to say that I am going home in a week. A week from now I will be in my husband's arms, or at least sitting next to him in the car, holding his hand. I will hug my kids, I will sleep in my own bed with my own pillow, and also very important, I will have access to my full wardrobe again! I will sort through things that are now too big, and rejoice in things that finally fit! I will have a wider assortment of clothing rather than a limited suitcase worth. I was not prepared for the weird weather, but did my best. One pair of shoes died while I was here, and I will get rid of several pairs of TOO LARGE pants that are baggy and driving me crazy.

I know I have a lot of sorting waiting for me, but that's totally okay. I will relish my last moments here, and really appreciate being home in a week.

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