Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blankity Blank

I am not cussing.
My mind is blank.

I am sad. I am happy. I have hope, but I am devastated. I feel joyous that things are getting better, but bothered that other things are falling apart.

I am emotionally nauseated.
I am fighting the urge to eat my way through it.
To push down what I actually feel.

How many of you do that? Pushing down the truth of your feelings because we are told to control them, or not show them?

I am not a rock. I am a strong person however, that sees the good that can happen. God is amazing and has a plan. His plan is the best plan.

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Corianne Kehn said...

How brave and how awesome is this post! AMEN! Most of us women are stuffing emotions all the time and wondering why we walk around feeling just like this so thank you so much for your vein of honesty and truth!