Wednesday, February 1, 2012


As of today my parents have been married fifty-four years. Through tragedy and sorrow and lots of wonderful happy and joyful times. Four kids, many, many moves, career changes, and illnesses, and they still hold hands and say I Love You.

I know how rare they are, and how lucky I am.
God is at the center of their relationship, right where He belongs.

Are they perfect? No.
Has it always been perfect? No.
But it has always been a dedication and faithfulness.
They said their vows with full intention of keeping them, and they did.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

I am glad to be celebrating with you with moving Dad out of the hospital, and into a fabulous recovery facility for occupational and physical therapy to learn how to live with his new back.

Well, that and home made lemon meringue pie...yum.

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aarong said...

See you on OUR 54th! And a lot before that occurs! I love you!