Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Worf Revisited

Worf has found a new place to rest his head. He will keep his office here on our property, it helps him immensely to be in the office next to my husband, and his presence helps my husband take his music to the next level. It really is a beautiful thing.

Worf opened our eyes in our home to a few things. Having someone around watching you,even if it's unintentional, makes you look at how you are treating others. I stepped up my behavoir towards my husband. If I am willing to cater to a new person living in the home, why on earth wouldn't I do it for my own husband that I passionately love? We fall into bad routines, and bad patterns of selfishness, that's why.

Worf's presence in our lives has brought appreciation for what we already have.

I am excited for his new place, and the changes there in. It will be nice to roam the house in my PJ's again without fear of being seen, LOL.

His presence in the studio area is incredibly appreciated. I am hearing new sounds, new depth, new life in my husband's music. It's amazing. Worf helps him strive to the next level. He speaks musician, so he challenges Aaron and they together have fun and figure out just how far they can push things. It's totally cool and I can't wait until this next album is released. It's fun!

Thank you Worf for moving in with us and stirring the pot, it really needed it before the bottom got burnt.

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