Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waiting Waiting Waiting....

Dad's in surgery.
They will use part of his rib and part of his hip along with Titanium rods and a mesh cage like structure to rebuild his Vertebrae destroyed by the cancer. It's an 8 hours procedure. Although there is recovery from surgery itself, he should start feeling better rather quickly considering they are giving him back the support he needs to use his back again.

Healing followed by radiation and chemo.

At some point my great nephew will be born too (very soon) and my sister will take off from here and go to be with her daughter. I am staying to fill in the gap of care provider that she will leave. By the end of the month I will also be present for my friend's birthing of her next child. This is very exciting.

I am thankful for my sister's amazing laptop.
The portability of Isagenix, (that's right, I am still on program, even through stressful stuff).
Thankful for skype, email, texting, internet help sites and other means of keeping connected.
Good narcotics. (For my dad)
The miracles that God has done, and will continue to do.


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