Thursday, January 12, 2012


God transformed my life.
He cleaned out the yucky stuff in my heart and soul. He continually helps me clean out the yucky stuff in my mind. My life could not be what it is without Him.
I am so very thankful for His unconditional love, His direction, His mercy and grace.
I can't imagine not having these things.

Isagenix is transforming my body. Well I guess I am transforming my body, with God's help and Isagenix ...
Isagenix is cleaning out my cells and body of toxins.
Isagenix helps me nourish what God has given me to take care of.
It is helping repair the damage I have done to myself.

I am thankful.

I am available to talk about transforming your life by having God as your personal savoir, cleansing your soul ...
and I am available to talk to you about what Isagenix can do for your earthly body, cleansing out the toxins.

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