Friday, January 13, 2012

Colorful DIY Reusable Calendar

For Christmas I was given this wonderful calendar from one of my nieces. I absolutely love it.
She gave one to each of my daughters as well, all different color schemes to match our personalities and likes.
The days of the week and things like "To Do" are written under the plexiglass, but the rest is up to you to fill in each month with a dry erase pen. It works beautifully, and is so lovely as well.
This is a project you could do for your own house!

She used a 21" x 21" frame. I suppose you could really use a rectangle if you prefer, but it is spaced really well in the square.

For the calendar itself you will need poster board, or perhaps foam core if your frame is deep. Cut to fit exactly into the frame.

Art paper, craft paper, or other beautiful or spunky paper. for the "To Do" list and "Notes" areas as well as the top area for the month.

Embellishments. My Niece used paper flowers with little gems.

Here's the best make the calendar day squares...PAINT SAMPLE CARDS. How fantastic is that? You can have a thematic color scheme easily. Or perhaps you'd like to go rainbow style.

Paper glue. Your choice of what's easy to use. If using white glue make sure to use it sparingly so it doesn't warp the paper.

Dry erase pen with velcro to adhere it to the edge of the frame.

I do not have specific instruction as to how to assemble, it's really up to you, Look at the photos for ideas and have fun.

My advise would be to be very careful to line everything up. Make sure you measure it, anything slanting or off does show.  Also, be creative, have fun. Keep the squares simple, and not too dark so that you  can write what you need to and have it easy to spot. Also, using paint samples all from one company might be wise. You need to check carefully that they are all the same size squares. They do vary company to company, sometimes even within the same company with different paint styles.

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