Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am done being the big woman in the room.
I don't need to be skinny, but I am done being this fat. Period.
I also know how much our environment has changed, and how it is affecting people's health, including my own. Although we've made changes in our household we can not avoid everything.Chemicals, toxins, pesticides and GMO are in so many basic products.

Last Tuesday, the 13th of the month, after the big night of the concert, I started Isagenix. I just finished the "9 day Cleanse".

I've lost 14.6 pounds since then and 3 inches off my waist and 1.5 off my hips.

Instead of gaining weight this Christmas, I am giving myself a present and losing it instead.


Check that link out, and if you would also like to start a journey to better health, better quality of life, and/or lose weight then drop me a comment or an email and I will be glad to answer questions or order products. I am selling it now, so I ask that if you choose to buy some for yourself that you please do it through me. Thanks!

Also, this is an opportunity to start your own Isagenix business as well. The above link has testimonies, it's worth checking out.

I absolutely pledge to not turn this blog into a selling spot. But I will occasionally post what I have lost and how I am doing. It's a journey, and I am determined to finish it this time. I hope you don't mind.


Crazy Woman said...

Congratulations on your loss :) that must feel wonderful! Have you ever considered the master cleanse (Lemon diet)? Lemons are naturally cleansing and you can buy organic :) I had amazing success with it and you don't have to order anything (unless you don't have access to a health food store). Just another option

Crayl said...

A lemon cleanse would only help clean out your intestines, this is a whole systemic cleanse. Plus, that much lemon actually makes me ill. This is gentler. But thanks for your input.