Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twenty-nine Steps

I am thankful for the journey my life has been thus far. Even the hard stuff.


1. I was born.
2. I had siblings.
3. My parents loved each other.
4. I was taken care of.
5. We moved while I was in 3rd grade.
6. I was punched in the back by an angry student when I was in 7th grade.
7. For being hit off my bike by a car.
8. For being stuck in a sand storm in the middle of a lake with our boat weighed down by camping gear, the motor was flooded by water and we rowed to shore. My dad engineered a shelter and we ate sandy Spaghetti-O's , but I learned I could trust I would be taken care of and protected, even when things were really scary, and really bad.
9. Cracked Radius.
10. Cracked Ulna a year later.
11. Dislocated Patella the following year, yeah, call me graceful.
12. First loves.
13. First heartbreaks.
14. BIG mistakes.
15. Friends that stood by me during those big mistakes, not because they approved, but because they loved me.
16. Standing up and making things better.
17. Finishing college.
18. Having my backpack stolen.
19. Meeting my future husband. 12 1/2 years before we got married. No, we didn't date that whole time.
20. Having my daughters.
21. Moving away from family.
22. Moving back near family.
23. Moving away again...not because of them, but because of where we eventually ended up.
24. Buying houses (one at a time)
25. Selling houses.
26. Losing a house. Painful, and embarrassing, but I can empathize with so very many people now. And we learned how to fight hard for something, and we learned to let go. Both are very important lessons.
27. Trusting my husband.
28. Standing firm when things got hard. Trusting it would all work out. (it is)
29. For challenging myself to this month long thankful party.

All events build who you are and who might become. Bad things can be released, and good things held on to. One doesn't need to stay under a bad umbrella. seriously. Bad things happen, to everyone. Learn, grow, move on. Sometimes it takes more time than others, but that's okay. It's a journey...

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