Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twenty Giving Thanks

I was feeling very narcissistic with this month of blogging. Instead of feeling deep gratitude, I was feeling embarrassed. I have a lot to be thankful for. The world is full of people with almost NOTHING, and yet they are filled with joy and thankfulness.

I asked people to tell me what they are thankful for, and these are their responses.

1. My salvation! AMEN!
2. Ditto..along with my trainer Carlyn Angela Blevins.
3. Things that make me warm.
4. Seasons of rest.
5. My family
6. The feeling of euphoria that overcomes you when you have completed a job well done. It erases the stress and overwhelmed feelings you had leading up to the event.
7. That my back hurt on the Harley and I asked Keith to pull over, if we didn't we would've been involved in the fatality(Car wreck) last Sunday.
8. Vanilla Chai Tea on a cool fall day.
9. I'm thankful for lithium, a supportive family and warm kitties.
10. For amazing nurses who love on my daughter like she is family.
11. I am so thankful for music!That God moves in power in the things we enjoy.
12. Jesus died for my sins and gave my life value.
13. Dustin, and my education.
14. I am thankful for a supportive family and friends.
15. I am thankful for a job I love and that my family hasn't murdered me.
16. Blueberries. (YUM!)
17. For Aaron's gift of graciousness. And caffeine.
18. Pantyhose (I caught her getting ready for an evening out)
19. Family...friends...a warm fire on a cold day...grace.
20. God's grace and my precious daughters.

Thank you everyone for adding into the thankfulness train!
I will probably have more tomorrow, as not everyone has responded yet.