Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten Tasty Treats

Michelle C I am giving you fair warning...this might not be a post for you to read today!

While I try to avoid such foods, and we all know that statistics of such things, I still am very thankful for these item's existence.
I know, it seems shallow to be thankful for such things. But I am thankful I was able to try these in my life. They taste good, things that taste good are enjoyable, I think that is a good thing. SO therefore, I am thankful.

1. Pumpkin pie.
2. Scones, especially pumpkin, or lemon, or cranberry.
3. Lemon Crunch Cake, I remember this from childhood. I believe it's chilled and something about the glaze frosting gets crunchy on top. IT'S SO GOOD.
4. Cream puffs. I recently had a little one with a hint of Strawberry in it, delightful.
5. Fresh, home made, ice cream. I like many flavors.
6. My mom's sugar cookies. Not just ANY sugar mom's.
7. Oatmeal drop cookies. I love these because they are wheat free, making it possible to share them with friends that can not eat wheat.
8. Lemon Meringue, again, my favorite is my mom's, it's so good.
9. My Mom's cheesecake too. I am not a huge fan of the New York Style cheesecake, to thick, or dryish or something. My mom's is smooth and creamy and wonderful.
10. I think I better just be thankful for my mom right here.

What are your favorite treats?
And did notice that I am not a huge fan of chocolate things. Never have been. I do love nice piece of chocolate now and then, but other than brownies I am not a big chocolate dessert kind of gal. Saves more for the rest of you that are...

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Missy Shell said...

Sigh. I want some. :-)

Homemade vanilla ice cream, a good cheesecake (although I'm very picky), homemade apple crisp, my mom's sugar cookies (only at Christmastime). Yum. Now I want some even more!

And I'm totally with you on chocolate.