Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tantalizing Twelve

It's the weekend, I am thankful for a break from a hectic and busy work week. I am also thankful for sweet, wonderful, no additives, natural, God designed fruit!

No particular order:

1. Manderins, their season is upon us any day where I live, and there are many orchards around here, YAY!
2. Kiwi, a fun to say, sweet little fruit.
3. Starfruit, because it really dresses up a plate or fruit platter.
4. Watermelon, aaaah, the taste of summer refreshment.
5. Peaches, fresh off our tress, pretty spectacular.
6. Plums, red ones to be specific. I am not a big fan of the black ones with the white insides.
7. Pluots, plums and apricots mixed together? How can you go wrong?
8. Apricots. Sadly our tree is an every-other year tree, so next year I expect a bumper crop!
9. Cherries.
10. Grapes, especially seedless reds, or globes.
11. Honeydew
12. Tomatoes. Technically a fruit. I do love them so.

Honorable mention (or for those not accepting tomato...and alternative): Bananas, although I can no longer consume them, I do still love them.

What's your favorite fruit?

1 comment:

Orla Harrington said...

Strawberries or cherries win with me, but I also love mango and the good old banana!