Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

I am thankful for these special moments in my life.

1. Turning 13, because you know, I was a full teenager then, and knew everything.
2. Turning 16, because I could drive!
3. Turning 18, an adult! And I could vote, woohoo! I am very thankful to live in a country that has a voting system in place, that I can vote freely, and without fear of an armed gunman at the polls, or being turned away because I am a woman.
4. Having my twin daughters. At one point during labor I told the nurse or that I was tired and I would just like to go home please. She laughed and said that wasn't possible. It was for the best I suppose. I love my girls.
5. Graduating from college.
6. Getting my first real job, with benefits.
7. Being laid off from that job the day before I started my paid vacation. Now you might be thinking..."What?Why is she thankful for that?". Everything that happens gives you a chance to grow as a person. Experiences you have help form who you are. That experience helps me have compassion to those around me going through it now. It also taught me a few things so I am more prepared in case it ever happens again, even though I don't have that type of job or work in that industry any more.
8. Marrying Aaron. Boy, was that the smartest thing I ever did.
9. Having Spencer. That kid is such a blessing to us, a true gift.
10. Being asked into "Wives". It's really just a very small group of friends. We used to all live in one general area and we would meet once a month to gab, and figure stuff out about marriage, and drink iced tea. Three of us live elsewhere now, but we are all still really close friends. That connection, to those women, has helped me through a lot of difficult times in my life. We support each other, and it's wonderful.
11. Moving to Auburn. Getting here was hard, and frankly, awful. But once we were here it has been wonderful even when it was really hard, and I am thankful to be here.
12. Singing without fear. You know the saying, "Use it or lose it"? I thought I lost it. Then I started singing again, for real, and training, and now although I am still learning my instrument, I sing without the fear and worry like I used too. It's great!
13. My birthday a few years ago was 08-08-08, that was cool. Thankful for fun, simple things.
14. Learning Sozo prayer, and realizing it is a perfect match to my gifts.
15. Traveling. I think this needs it's own blog list. I am thankful for the freedom here to travel.
16. Accepting Jesus as my savior, knowing God, having a relationship, knowing I am a daughter of the creator of the universe. It's pretty special.

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