Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six on Sunday

I am thankful for...

Syndication, otherwise I couldn't be thankful for these shows:

1. The Courtship Of Eddie's Father. (1969-1972)In researching this today I found out that there is an original book and movie from which this TV series was based. I was too young when this show aired originally, but was always delighted to watch it during school vacations. My favorite part of the show was when they had their final conversation, always dubbed over the father and son duo doing something like walking on the beach or playing at the park. The bond between them shown strong. I loved that.

2. The Andy Griffith Show.(1960-1968) What a fascinating cast of characters. From the charm and care provider found in Aunt Bee to curious Opie and stead fast Andy. Throw in the ridiculousness of Deputy Barney Fife...and well, it is just good fun. I learned things turn out in the end when you stick with your family and work it out.

3. Gentle Ben,(1967-1969) I just found out this is from an original book as well published in 1965, the series came along a couple years later (still before I was born). It is the adventures of the young son of a game warden and his pet black bear in the Florida Everglades. They often rode around in an airboat or a swamp buggy, and as a kid I loved that part of the show just as much as the parts with the giant black bear and the dolphins. I learned you can go really fast with the right equipment, and you don't always have to kill something just because it's a trouble maker (good stuff I tell you!).

4. Gilligan's Island.(1964-1967) I know it was campy, I know it was ridiculous, but I still enjoyed that show! I learned to never give up! Keep trying! And you can make all sorts of things from coconuts and a little bamboo.I bet McGyver watched this show.

5. The Brady Bunch. (1969-1974)Although my family was not blended I was the youngest of many, so I understood Cindy. I understood feeling over looked, or left out because you're too young. I probably changed who I identified with as I grew older. The episodes weren't in order (being all re-runs) so this changed around as time went on. I think I was mildly shocked when family situations couldn't be solved in a few moments of gentle conversation and explanations. I never gave up hoping Sam would ask Alice to marry him. I learned to not mess with voodoo or curses and to stick close to your family while at the Grand Canyon. Also, if something was missing, check the doghouse.

6. Here's where it gets tricky, I have more than 6! Should it be I Love Lucy? The Dick Van Dyke show? Little House? Or ssssshhhhhhh "Love American Style" sssshhhhh, which I am sure if my parents had known I watched it would have banned me from watching it. A lot went over my head, until years later I caught an episode and was shocked! Oh well. Back to the innocence I go....
I Love Lucy.(1951-1957) For the sheer brilliance of comedic timing and true situational comedy. Plus I loved Fred and Ethel too. Things I learned: If you want to be in the show, you better really know how to sing. Don't overstuff the oven with bread dough, don't have stars sign grapefruit, don't get into a jealous fight right before your big operetta opens, and always pay your set rental bills.

Seems like good things to know to me. I am thankful I learned them early.


Missy Shell said...

I'm totally with you on Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy! Great choices!

Amy said...

Andy Griffith all the way!