Monday, November 7, 2011


I am so very thankful...

1. That the 7 yards of "compost" that I helped a friend move with shovels and a wheelbarrow wasn't 8 or 9 yards. Whew.
2. That said friend had desserts from a fabulous German bakery, amazing cream puffs.
3. She also made chicken and waffles, yum.
4. The rain stayed away, that would have made this job so much harder.
5. Tons of laughter ensued while shoveling "poo". Seriously, it was hilarious. Nothing makes hard, stressful work (she had to have this weird project done by today for her HOA!!), go faster than a good friend and laughter! A spoon full of sugar and all that.
6. I do not live in a HOA neighborhood, on purpose and with good reason. I am truly thankful for this.
7. And finally, I am thankful I was able-bodied enough to help her in the first place.

Nothing lifts the human soul and spirit like gratitude and helping others! Try serving, try it! You were created to be helpful and productive, it really works!

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Missy Shell said...

Oh man, now you need to get...wait! I'm not telling!!!! Haha! I'm quite brilliant!!!!!!!!