Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random 19

I forgot a few things in some prior lists, and I have thought of a few other stray things that don't have a formal list to belong to.

No particular order...I am THANKFUL!

1. Strawberries (don't know how I forgot them on the fruit list)
2. Mangoes
3. Toast, mmmmmmm
4. Tea, herbal and fruity for me thank you.
5. Zucchini
6. Tomatoes
7. My washer and dryer, even if the dryer is broken right now, I am still thankful for it.
8. Information at our fingertips. If I need to know what to do to sooth a bee sting, or get a stain out of cotton, or Spencer needs to write a paper on the laws of Physics, we can do that, without leaving home. It's pretty impressive.
9. Well stocked grocery stores. Even if they run out of an advertised special, the shelves are still filled with food and products. Many countries do not have this luxury.
10. Blue skies after rain.
11. My friend's photography skills.
12. My friend that uses #11 and sends us beautiful photos of her family each year.
13. Ways of communicating with people far away. I love that I can have conversations in so many different ways. While I think real letter writing is a art form that is indeed being lost, I still relish the fact that I can converse with someone without a 2 week or more waiting period between letters.
14. Anti bacterial wipes and that type of stuff. We all have moments when we need them and soap and water isn't available.
15. French bread. With butter.
16. The physical ability to clean my house.
17. Being appreciated. We all need to hear that what we do is appreciated. Make sure you tell someone today.
18. My Redline stapler from friend #11. It used to be red, it's kinda orangeish/ light red now due to sun fading, but I still love it.
19. Post-it notes.

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