Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It Has Arrived

This man worked very, very hard making beautiful music to honor the Lord, and to usher in His presence.
There were many, many trials along the way. Hissing, crackling, equipment problems. Some needing monetary fixes, some needing hours and hours of extra time designated to the project. But finally, one day (yesterday) this truck appeared in our driveway.

I find it appropriate that the sun cascading through the trees makes the truck hard to was as if angels were singing and the glory was coming from heaven. In the truck and handed to us was a box filled with these:
This is a day of great gratitude!
1. This album is finally here!
2. It is anointed, thank you Lord for meeting my husband in this music.
3. It is to be shared. Those that have already heard it and experienced it, LOVE IT!
4. Funding came through in just the right amount to create this album.
5. Sales from this one will pay for the next one, due by Christmas...
6. which is completely different, "Get Your Praise On" music!
7. My husband is diverse and wonderfully gifted.
8. I am thankful we make a good team.
9. I am so very grateful for those that prayed with us and for us to get this album completed! It took a lot of prayer,and work, but it is so worth it.

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