Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, AKA 24

My parents are here for Thanksgiving. I love it when people visit me!I love my parents, so this is really working out well. I will miss other family members who are not in attendance, but I will see some at Christmas, and maybe some in January...who knows!

Things got a little weird around here, but I am still thankful.

1. Thankful that we have a good dentist.
2. Thankful that my daughter could be seen right away by said fabulous dentist. Antibiotics were prescribed and she will need more work, pray for her. It is dipping into her college funds for next year and she feel panicked.
3. I know God will provide.
4. Thankful that said fabulous dentist was able to get us into a oral surgeon for my dad. I said it got weird around here. 2 Cracked and broken teeth finally had to come out. (After 20 years of care and trying to save them...not bad really)
5. Thankful the Oral surgeon had an appointment and is good at what he does.
6. My dad is thankful for soft food options tomorrow.
7. I am thankful for special ice packs we already had on hand to ice his face.
8. Thankful that Target wasn't too crowded and that the pharmacy wasn't too bad.
9. I am so thankful to be cooking side by side with my mom.
10. Thankful that our Bowen therapist can see both my parents before they leave. They will have a better drive home this way.
11. Peaking of driving, the weather was clear and they could take the shorter and much more scenic route to my house!
12. Even though rain is coming tomorrow, the weather should be clear enough to go home the short route too.
13. Thankful for my husbands dedication to getting the next CD done.
14. Thankful for the mild temperatures this week. Chilly, sure, but not bone numbing.
15. Thankful for good movies to enjoy together.
16. SO very thankful for pain relievers.
17. I am thankful that my friend Nancy had a little break from her life down here and went to Oregon for a visit. She looks rested and ready to tackle some stuff, including landing a new job she is interviewing for.
18. Thankful for my friends, many of them far away now, all over the place. They mean so very much to me.
19. I am thankful for the maturity I am seeing in my daughters. It's beautiful.
20. My parents both have iphones, they are in their 70's, they not only have them, but they know how to use them. I am so thankful!
21. I am thankful that my car's check engine light is on, again, before it could be smogged......I am thankful for the gift this car is to me, I am thankful that I can drive it for now, and all the time I have driven it. I will remain thankful, no matter what happens with it, even if I have to not have it anymore (if it is not fixable). I am grateful that people love me enough to want to give to me. I will learn something from this adventure with this car. I will somehow bless someone else because of it. I must keep my eyes on Jesus on this one folks, I MUST stay thankful that I have this car and have had this car. Miracles will happen.
22. I am thankful for laughter. Deep, and wonderful.
23. We had dinner out with another couple recently. A new couple. They are friends to us for a long time individually but now they are a couple as well. It was a really good time. We all get along, and out humor is well suited for each other. There is a reason the male friend is considered a brother to my husband. I am thankful for the time we shared.
24. Today. I am thankful, that hopefully, people that never stop and consider all they DO have might just stop and be thankful today. Even if it's just for 20 seconds before the meal. I am thankful for the pause button of thankfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving.
May your grateful heart be with you all year long.

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