Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Half way there!
In honor of halves...I am thankful

1. For my twins. Identical so therefore, something that was whole halved, into 2 wholes. Weird right? BUT MIRACULOUS AND AMAZING, so very thankful.
2. I love people with positive, half glass full attitudes. They are good people to hang around.
3. When I am thirsty, I am very thankful for a half glass of water.
4. 50% off sales....oh yes.
5. Buy one get one free sale...(sorta the same thing, but still)
6. My better half! ;)
7. "Half way there", on a hike, or during a long project, these words motivate you to keep going, keep trying!
8. Speaking of halfway there...I am , and this list is harder than I thought. Thankful I am half way done.
9. 50% reduction, say, in weight you have to lose, or a tumor size, that's a pretty big deal, we can all be thankful for those moments.
10. Half gallon, I am thankful when ice cream is still a FULL half gallon, not that 1.75 quarts stuff.
11. Half a stick of gum. It's just enough to freshen the breath, keep the throat moist, without getting in the way of singing.
12. Half notes. Where would we be without them?
13. "Half a notion", let's face it, if whoever was saying this phrase to you had a full notion, you would have been smacked a lot more. Seems to me the "half a notion" was usually connected to discipline of some sort, or possibly revengeful ideas. I am thankful they stopped at half.
14. Half Moon Bay, such splendor.
15. Half day! For school or now work, YAY!

What are you thankful for?
(Halved or not)


Missy Shell said...

Amen to #10!!! They SO aren't fooling us...

Orla Harrington said...

This is such a sweet idea. :)