Monday, November 14, 2011

Fourteen Falls

I am so very thankful...

1. The sun is out today. The weather has been so lovely recently. Yes, we've had rain, but nothing ridiculous. Blue sky, crisp fall air, ...and...
2. Beautiful, exploding colors all around us. The leaves are just glorious right now. Orange, yellow, red! Such a delight to see.
3. I think I've said it before...PUMPKIN. Love the flavor of pumpkin, and now is when it shows up...yummy!
4. Thanksgiving. How could I not be thankful for a day set aside to be thankful?
5. Snuggle time. As temperatures drop the cuddling increases, without it being a sticky unpleasant experience like it is during the heat of summer...
6. It's not yet winter. Not super hot, not super cold. Crisp sure, I can handle that! Love it in fact! Because...
7. Jeans, sweaters/sweatshirts, boots! I am thankful when I get to wear these items without melting.
8. Apples. We live in an apple area, so fresh from the tree is a wonderful experience. It also leads to...
9. Apple butter, apple sauce...made fresh and preserved in my kitchen.
10. Crunching leaves. Once the spectacular show is over and the leaves start fluttering to the ground , which is also lovely, it's crunching time. It brings out the little kid in me(which isn't hard to do actually). I can't walk by a pile and not scuffle through them. It brings me silly joy and I am thankful!
11. Warm foods. Now the thought of soup, stew, and hearty heavier pasta dishes sound fabulous instead of heavy and too hot, like they do in summer.
12. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....but it isn't Christmas's like an alarm clock going off with enough time for a snooze button. I am thankful I still have time to purchase things slowly, and plan things out.
13. Increased hours at work. I know that seems weird to a few of you. My paid job is only part time. Sometimes(always...) we need a little boost to our budget. My job increases this time of year do to some major events coming it all works out! I am thankful.
14. Less yard work. Our yard is shutting itself down, which means less yard work over all. Sure, we will have some leaves to tend to...but that's okay, that can be fun.

What are you thankful for regarding FALL?

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