Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five To Go...

Wait, I mean 120 to go...

I've been trying to communicate thankfulness for some time now. How it's good for you heart, both literally and figuratively. Now scientists have caught up with the notion, imagine that. I've noticed something this month while making my lists...I am in a better mood, it is easier for me to be in a good mood. I listen to the things I am saying to other people, and it is more positive, and up lifting, and hopeful. I am not perfect, I have just noticed a change, and it was an easy change! I didn't even notice, I didn't have to work at it, or strive. May I suggest trying it for yourself?

Today....thankful for:

1. Family traditions
2. Turkey leftovers
3. Pie leftovers....mmmm
4. Crisp weather, but no big storms
5. Bowen therapy for my mom's shoulder.
6. Apples to Apples
7. Nertz
8. Banagrams
9. My dad teaching Spencer how to play Cribbage
10. Quick recoveries.
11. Bob's soft peppermint sticks. My favorite.
12. Aaron's diligence to get yet another album finished before a big concert this month.
13. Next weekend we have a gig away, for 2 nights, alone, in a hotel room....alone....
14. Adult kids to care for younger kids, so we can go away to be alone...
15. We are thankful for all of our kids. And we love being with them. Just making that clear.
16. Snow capped mountains.
17. Sunsets of beautiful colors.
18. Time to spend together, just to enjoy being together.
19. Hope.
20. Joy.
21. Christmas music
22. Target putting up a sign that reads "MERRY CHRISTMAS", good for you Target!
23. I am thankful that my daughters both have jobs.
24. I am thankful for my employment as well.
25. I am very thankful for knowing that God will care for all our needs.
26. Sunglasses. I need a pair, you realize how thankful you are for something sometimes a little late. I am thankful in advance for the next pair.

What are you thankful for?

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