Friday, November 11, 2011


It looks so nice and tidy.

Today's list is all about serving. Sometimes I watch others around me just keep giving of themselves and I am amazed. We can all learn something from people like that.

1. For the men and women that have served this country so selflessly. Thank you

2. For the families of those in the service. They stand strong as their loved ones leave for months, and sometimes never to return. They have a strength that is amazing, thank you.

3. For those still praying for our nation. Standing in the gap for those that won't. Thank you.

4. For those that remember and still recognize that this country was founded on Christian principles. Am I proud of everything people have done in this country? Of course not. But what country can stand up and be blameless, who is perfect? No one. Thank for believing our foundation still matters.

5. For those that sacrifice their lives to serve God. They give up the notion people have created of "the American Dream" to make sure others see Heaven. Thank you.

6. For those that serve humbly behind the scenes. They come early and stay late and do not boast or moan, they are amazing. Thank you.

7. For those willing to teach. God makes it clear that teachers will be held more accountable. Thank you for stepping up.

8. For those that help the invisible, the undesirable, the "least of these". Your diligence, your compassion and dedication is anointed and to be respected. Thank you.

9. For those willing to do the dirty jobs in life. Humility is beautiful. Thank you.

10.For those that do without being asked, for those that are willing to say yes when others flee, for those willing to give up something for the greater good. Thank you.

11. For the ultimate sacrifice for all people, worldwide, for all time. Jesus. Died, His blood poured out like a sacrifice of old, for one purpose, for you to be able to re-connect with your heavenly Father, to have a real relationship with your creator. Cleansed free of all sin, all past, everything. It's true freedom. Thank you Lord for that.

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melvin said...

Hello Crayl, I wish you the best.