Friday, November 18, 2011


I am very thankful for mentors, teachers, encouragers, other "moms" and the like in my life...
So thank you...

1. Mrs. Hawkins. Yes, I can call you by your first name now, sorta, feels weird. Thank you for taking me to Merl Norman for a makeup lesson with Heidi. Thank you for tolerating our slumber parties and shananigans.
2. DB, she taught me what classy looks like, and that just because you had money doesn't mean you treat people poorly.(TV always made it look like that)
3. Sondra Pepper. Always an encouragement to be ourselves and not care what others think. Thank you for answering God's call to interior Mexico, and taking us with you to open our eyes.
4. V.M. You endured countless sleep overs as well, and week long visits after my family moved away. I am blessed to still call your daughter friend, just as I always have my whole life. Thank you for the indulgence of Winchell's donuts on the way to church and the introduction into my life of Swiss cheese.
5. Mr. Slater. He was a great history teacher. He made it interesting, and kept a sense of humor about tests. I appreciated that, and I believe he sparked an interest in something that might have died completely had someone else taught it.
6. Mrs. M. You spoke my language and I understood math beautifully from you!
7. Mavis. Thank you for teaching me how to make cream puffs, and loving me after I no longer shared your name.
8. Shirley G. Thank you for teaching me to be generous, even when I didn't have much. Thank you for showing me what real hospitality looks like (it isn't all fancy you know). Thank you for teaching me how to make egg noodles on your kitchen table. Thank you for being a highlight while we were in AZ.
9. Chris S. You are a soothing balm to an ailing heart. You are kindness in a troubled world. Thank you.
10. Nancy W. You also taught me generosity when having nothing. Such a giving heart. Thank you for taking the time to teach me to can.
11.LL. Thank you for continually pushing for excellence and teaching ways to improve my voice. Thank you for believing in my family and supporting us.
12. Momma C. You don't know it but you inspire me to be a better wife. Your gentleness in certain situations is noble and I strive to improve.Thank you for being a good example.
13. The Babs. Generosity, knowledge, and just plain fun. Thank you for being rational and willing to listen when things got tough for us and not trying to solve our problems for us, but willing to help us seek the answers we needed. We hope someday to be like you both.
14. DeDe. You were such a joy to be around and showed me the ropes of being a Pastor's wife. THANK YOU!
15. Marty. You were an awesome youth pastor, and an awesome man of God. Your legacy still lives on.
16. CL. You are so very gifted to preach. I learn so much from you, not only in your sermons but by how you live so peacefully in this world.
17. BW. Also a gifted preacher. Inspiring, and unafraid of what people might think or say. Thank you for being up front and unashamed.
18. Jackie L. Thank you for sharing what you hear from God with us. With me. It truly changed my life, all for the better.

Who has made a difference in your life like this?

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