Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Big Three-OH!

I made it. Blogged everyday for a month, sure. Blogged everyday for a month in a succession of growing thankful lists, whew!

I am a little brain fogged today. Been staying up to late trying to own Photo Shop 5. My husband is nearly done with yet another album, and I am in charge of the Album art...except I have never used this software before. Ye-haw, ain't this fun?!

I am grateful:
1. It's November 30th. Which means I don't have to blog tomorrow if I find myself out of time.
2. Christmas is coming, in 25 days.
3. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!! Love lights!
4. Our annual Christmas concert is in 12 days. It will benefit not only our Fire Department this year, but some needy families as well. Great music, great cause.
5. Christmas music is already being added into the play lists on my favorite radio stations.
6. There is still time to earn money so I can buy presents for people I love.
7. I am thankful for people that know more than me. Oh yes, and I rely on these people being willing to help me when I cry out..."You're my only hope".
8. Thankful for grace when I am not doing my best to show God's love.
9. Thankful for leaves fluttering to the ground outside like rain, so beautiful.
10. Thankful for everyone of you reading this list! Seriously, I am! May God bless you richly this very day!
11. New jobs for people I know. It's been a really great month around here of people finding work.
12. I am grateful for the new dryer we will someday have. It's damp around here, things don't dry on the line anymore.
13. I am grateful for my car, even though the check engine light came back on after the repair that was supposed to make it smog checkable. Today is the last day on our temp permit for it. Somehow God will show His love and mercy regarding this. It's been a long, long ordeal with this car. But I have learned things from the experience.
14. Thankful for a church home that is filled with loving people.
15. Thankful that God is our provider.
16. Our healer
17. Our protector...especially when people make off handed remarks that feel threatening.
18. Thankful for apricot almond bread. Just made some, yummy.
19. Grateful for other peoples sweet babies.
20. Thankful tonight when the large containers for food donations for the homeless and the needy were filled up by the end of service.
21. Thankful for friends that get me, even the weird stuff, (Medical oddity twin powers activate!)
22. Grateful that I WILL make photoshop work for me....oh yes, I will.
23. SO thankful that the roof is staying firmly in place during this wind storm.
24. Thankful for mild temperatures, sure it gets cold, but daytime is very nice still.
25. Thankful we have a place to call home.
26. Grateful for the gift of reading.
27. I thank God that I can grow and learn from my mistakes.
28. And that He forgets them when I ask for forgiveness.
29. Thankful He loves me.
30. Grateful I have broken through walls and am willing to take risks loving people.

SO, after all of this. Can you tell me, what are you grateful for?

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Missy Shell said...

Actually, my friend, I'm thankful for YOU and how you are teaching me to be a more thankful person. Last night as I was going to bed, I wanted to scream and cry and throw a tantrum; you know why. I wanted to question God and beg for answers. Instead, I spent my whole prayer time praising God. Just for being God. It was kind of awesome. Don't get me wrong, at various points throughout the day I had done all of that other stuff, I haven't learned to curb that entirely yet. But it was so calming to have a time of just praise and thanksgiving. You are teaching me that. So thank you. Love you.