Monday, November 21, 2011

21 More People Are Thankful

I received so many answers to my "What are you thankful" question that I filled up today's list too. I am so thankful!

1. Family, friends, and my running shoes.
2. Pumpkin pie! Actually...Grandma's LEMON MERINGUE PIE !(That would be my mom's)
3. Second chances in life.
4. For fb for bringing my friend back in my life...hugs.
5. For a loving husband (My mom said this about my dad!!<3)
6. My life
7. Indoor plumbing.
8. Fuzzy blankets
9. Joy- in the midst of life.
10. Thankful that at age 73 God still uses me for His purposes. (My dad)
11. I am unspeakably grateful for the fact that I have countless blessings and reasons to be grateful. Aside from the gifts of marriage, children, extended family, friendships, good health, abilities intact. I am grateful for God's miraculous, abundant creation through nature.
11. Unexpected simple gestures, a cup of coffee, dishes that are magically done, dinner on your doorstep after a long weary day.
12. Kids/grandkids hugs-the best!
13. I am thankful for all the wonderful friends that I am blessed with. We may not talk often, but we are never far apart in our hearts.
14. My husband ♥
15. My Girlfriends (spoken by a truly sweet woman regarding her friends)
16. My life, Gods love, and my family!
17. My health, my parents health, my loving husband and good friends!!!
18. My amazing daughters, my church family, my fabulous friends, my job...the list goes on and on!
19. My friends.
20. My hubby.
21. My Husband.

I will have even more answers tomorrow, including an amazing story of a man who was supposed to be a still born...but obviously isn't.

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Sooz said...

I'm #1! I'm #1! :-)