Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Looking At You!

This week during Bible study it was said, and I believe it, if you are always critical of yourself you will be judgmental and critical of others as well. Think about it, when you feel bad about yourself and you tear yourself apart doesn't that attitude walk around with you? Do you look at others lovingly and forgiving their imperfections, or do you tear them apart, even if it's in your own mind? I was watching another teaching recently that stated during a conference a woman left the room to use the restroom, the speaker told everyone to think bad things about her when she returned. When she came back they did just that. Minutes later he asked her to the stage and asked how she was doing. She said she had been fine until she came back in the room and suddenly she felt terrible about herself and about being there.It's not just the words that hurt!
In a household one member can bring a bad attitude into the room, and affect everyone and their days, especially if that someone is the mom or dad. I think the mom influences this the most. If a mom sets the tone in the morning with negative thoughts and expressions of dislike everyone takes that with them. If she sets up the day with optimism, and love, that's what they will carry into their day. It's amazing. If someone comes home with good news and is met by grumbling a sore mood is surely to follow.

It's easy to say we can overcome someone else foul mood, but it's much harder to repel it than you think. Circumstances shouldn't rob us of our joy, but we often let them.

I challenge you to work harder at this for the next week and see what a difference it makes around your home or with your co-workers. Pray deeply and spend time with God, ask Him to help you set an example of JOY instead of grumbling or depression, or the need for perfection. I am taking this challenge myself. I have already noticed the difference in the past, but I have been slipping lately. so I am getting back up on the joy wagon. Who's with me?

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