Saturday, October 1, 2011


Eleven years ago my daughters were asleep in bed, Aaron was working on something or watching TV, and I took the deepest most wonderful nap. I was also 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I awoke needing to use the bathroom, imagine that. I rolled off the sofa and stood up, and said, "Uh oh!". The time had come.

Long story short: the next day, at around dinner time, via c-section, my son was born, all 10.3 pounds of him. He has been a joy ever since.

Eleven reasons why we love our eleven year old:
1. He is a beautiful blend of Aaron and I. He is not just a carbon copy of one of us. It's great, He is all Aaron's and he is all mine as well.
2. He has a full vocabulary.
3. He enjoys trying ethnic, or interesting foods.
4. He craves learning new things.
5. He is compassionate, empathetic, and truly cares for his friends and family, and people of the world.
6. His creativity is endless, and he has new stories to tell all the time.
7. He is musically gifted, he can find a harmony and stay on it.
8. He enjoys laughter.
9. He loves to read.
10. He is a quick and witty thinker.
11. He loves God. And this is the most wonderful thing of all.

Raising a child (or 3) is certainly a journey. You not only discover who they are, but who you are. This boy has changed my life. As I watch him turn into a young man, and eventually (sigh) a grown man I marvel at what God has gifted him with, and wait with great anticipation of what's next in his journey. As the marks on the wall grow higher and higher I wonder about what fabulous future he has, all the possibilities. We will work hard to help keep him on track, close to God, but ultimately it is his choice. I know he will do great and amazing things if he sticks with God's plan.

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Heather said...

What an amazing young man! Happy Birthday Spencer!!