Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am ever so thankful for:
1. Progress, moving forward, refining, retuning, stretching, and in general a lack of stagnation.
2. Meeting new people.
3. Wii, to help keep a busy 7 year old visitor happy and occupied.
4. Friends that help other friends move things.
5. Fresh pears, and the canning about to happen.
6. Photography. The good , the bad, the breathtaking.
7. Date nights (can I get an AMEN?).
8. Deep prayer for others, and myself.
9. Breakthrough.
10. Thrifty brand Black Cherry Ice Cream.
OH, and a bonus:
11. Wasp spray. I am not a big fan of poisons and such, but when 2 family members get stung in one week, it's time to get serious.

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Anonymous said...

Date nights! AMEN!!!!