Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Family Member

We have a new member of our family in the house.
I did not have a baby.
We did not adopt.
It is not a pet.

a full grown man, good friend of my husband.
Sometimes, in all of our lives, we need some time to reset, restart, rewind, and in general find a new path. He is not a welfare case, he is not in recovery from any addiction or anything like that. He had a seriously life altering, soul wrenching event happen. He is re-establishing his identity in Christ. He is redefining what is. He is breaking off lies from the past and finding truth to stand on.
Sometimes one should not be alone in ones own thoughts too long, that's partially why he is here. He needs a family, support and fellowship. We can do that. We might not currently be able to help the world financially, we might not be able to help everyone, but we can do this.

What can you do today, big or small, to possibly change the life of someone else?

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