Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Avoiding Slime!

I finished reading blogs, a lot of blogs,I had fallen behind in my reading.
I poked around on Facebook a little.
I wrote yesterday's very late Thankful post.

I then sat at the dinning room table thinking, now what?
Spencer was in bed, girls were elsewhere for the night, my husband was out in his studio/office in the garage. Our new room mate, his best(male)friend, was in his own office. My husband was working hard on a chart that was needed the next day. I wanted to play Nertz, a fun card game that has recently filled a few hours, or more, around here. We don't have TV signal of any kind, not even Netflix(do to broadband limitations). Watching TV isn't an option to fill up the lonely time.

It was well after 10pm and something in my brain clicked, actually I would say it was more of a snap, and it wasn't from God.I picked up my phone and typed out the following text to my husband:
"Know what's fun? Sitting by yourself for hours and then going to bed alone".

I didn't send it. I corrected it a little and then it hit me. What a mean, manipulative thing. The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, in my heart. I listened. It was mean. I was wrong in thinking it. I erased it, thankfully before it was sent. My husband works hard to provide for us, and I am so very grateful for him. At that very moment I heard his distinct footsteps coming towards the house. He came in a whirlwind announcing he had to leave. We have a friend in trouble, and while he is spiraling downward his dad was taken to the hospital, it's not looking good. My husband and our new room mate, who also knows this man, left to try and find him, to help him out of his own stupper to possibly go say good bye to his father.

My husband is a good man.

Before he left, in fact before he even told me what was up he took one look at me and asked, "What's wrong?". It's hard to explain guilt mixed relief. He rubbed my shoulders a moment and kissed me before he left. He connected with me.

My husband is a really good man.

He and our new room mate were willing to drop everything and do what was necessary to help our other friend in trouble. They sacrificed hours of work, play and sleep because it was the right thing to do.

I almost set a completely rotten, nasty, selfish, ungrateful layer of filthy slime on him moments before he was to leave to do something right and good, but I didn't. I listened, I corrected myself, and I changed my path.

As he changed his shoes to leave I thanked God for keeping me from destruction.
It was the least I could do.

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