Monday, August 29, 2011

What's a Half Wish Between Friends?

As I mentioned, I received a Kindle for my birthday. This gave me the opportunity to buy Denise Grover Swanks book Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes.

I had no idea what to expect.
I was just hoping it wasn't a romance novel.
I was pleasantly surprised, and very relieved that right off the bat we have a character with visions, mistaken identities, a murder, plus a cute guy next door. The cute guy keeps things interesting and fun.

I honestly don't want to tell you too much, I think it would ruin it to know what might happen. I don't like seeing movie previews just to realize what's coming next during the movie! So let me tell you this. I read it in just over a day. I was on vacation at the time, and I did participate with my family during my own birthday dinner, but truly, I stayed up until it was done. I wanted to know what was next. I wanted to make sure the main character, Rose, was still growing and changing and staying alive.
This is not a super heavy read, like Clancy, but it is well thought out and has good twists and believable characters and relationships. I laughed out loud at parts and really felt for the main characters.

Plus?! It's about crazy Southerners. I love books about crazy Southerners! Being a crazy West coaster myself, it's nice to see the crazy reaches across the whole USA.

If you have a Kindle it's on sale for .99 until September, so hurry. The paperback is currently only 2.99, what a deal! Both on Amazon.

It has been discussed by the author that there may be more books about Rose as well. I hope so.

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