Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is Important

My family is not perfect. Not even close. But we are on a better road regarding our eating habits and being very aware of what we are consuming.
I am a researcher by nature, and I try to educate myself on new things regularly.
I believe that the Standard American Diet is indeed SAD, and riddled with poisons you know nothing about. They are causing all sorts of medical problems, yet the simple fact of too many chemicals in our food, remains ignored.

Please go read this regarding BT GMO corn.
Please read the paragraph of linked diseases in humans, are you or a loved one on that list? Please keep in mind that we aren't just talking about eating corn on the cob here. Corn is an ingredient in so many products these days, you may be ingesting this type of corn daily without being aware. They also feed this type of corn to livestock. What if it's in the milk or meat? No idea if they tested that aspect. I am just pondering out loud.

We need a wake up call.

Have you seen?:
Food Inc
Food Matters
Super Size Me
There are many more, and for those of you with Netflicks through their Wii, they are available for streaming. I haven't seen the one called 'The price of Sugar'.It seems worth a look.

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