Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thankful Tuesday!

SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. For extra furniture we were storing in our garage, because someone else is moving into our house, and he needs a place to rest his head!
2. Yellow squash and eggplant. The only produce we have been able to harvest so far from the garden.
3. OH, and 3 cherry tomatoes. The weather has been too cool to ripen all the lovely green tomatoes we have. SO MANY....all green.
4. Peaches, coming soon.
5. Nectarines from a friends property, so yummy, even if we had to feed half of them to other friends farm animals because they were, well, alcoholic in nature by the time we got them.
6. The computer I am writing this on...for me. Husband was able to clean it off of music stuff so I could use it (he has his own).
7. My brother David. I was able to see him on our family vacation. he is funny, super smart, and a nice guy. He is also sarcastic and clever,and I am thankful I got to hang out with him.
8. SO far it's all good with our change up in how we school Spencer. He seems to be enjoying his classes and "going to school" twice a week. Electives start next week on Fridays,I know he will be thankful for those. He is taking Swing dancing, how fun is that?
9. Larger font so I can read longer.
10. Fred Hammond tickets. Whoop Whoop!

What in the world are you thankful for?
I don't care how small or silly, gratitude lifts your spirits and keeps you from the depths.

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