Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thankful Tuesday,

Somethings we have here, that many of us forget how blessed we are to have, that I am very thankful for:

1. Clean water. This is a major problem all over the world. Even if your tap water doesn't taste good, or perhaps has some elements in it you would prefer to avoid, we are blessed to have water that is not filled with disease and filth from animals, other people and whatnot.

2. Food. Yes, some people in America go hungry. It is a problem. Food in general is much more accessable here. Unless you choose to do so you are not completely on your own growing or raising everything that you eat or need.

3. Medicine, medical help. I may disagree with how "modern medicine" just hands out pills for the symptoms instead of finding the cause, but I am thankful we have access to medical help if we need it. Many have no access to any sort of medical help. Even if it does cost us ridiculous amounts of money, it is here.

4. Smooth roads. Maybe there is a pothole or two here or there, but seriously, have you seen what they call roads in other countries? We have it easy.

5. Technology. I don't just mean our computer, or TV, or DVD player, hand helds, tablets, MP3 players, cell phones, cordless phones and all that either. How about stoves, washers and dryers, water heaters, cars, electicity running our lights, air conditioning, heating units and more.

6. Ready to wear, inexpensive clothing. I am thankful that I don't have to sheer a sheep, spin, dye and weave a new garment everytime my kid grows. I am thankful I don't have to sew everything I wear. I know some people out there love doing that, but I am not gifted in such things.

7. Indoor plumbing, sewers, septic tanks. Enough said.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Just a reminder to myself, and hopefully you, to not take things we don't think about everyday for granted. These items aren't all necessary to live when you get right down to it. These things take us out of constant survival mode and allow us time to dream, create, have leisure time, and good health. Of course on the flip side, people also allow the pursuit of some of these items and more luxurious ones create a different kind of survival mode, one in which work becomes the focus, creating health ruining stress, but that's another post entirely.

Sometime today, perhaps when you turn on a faucet,remember to say thank you.

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