Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soak In It

My Husband's latest project is a soaking CD.

What's soaking you say?

It's taking some time from your day, and resting in the presence of the Lord, using gentle music to help you. Sometimes on soaking CD's scripture is read. It rarely has full-on vocal parts. The point is not to play something and sing along. The idea is to rest your body, rest your mind, and let God talk to you. It's a beautiful thing. If you have never done it I urge you to start. I always start with cleaning off my plate, so to speak. I lay down at His feet anything I am worried about, anything that might hinder me from hearing from Him. I may ask to hear about something specific, if I am seeking an answer, but usually I just let Him tell me anything He needs too.

This particular CD could also be used for background music during an event, dinner, relaxing, during a massage or time alone with your spouse. It's soothing and beautiful. Of the songs we have let people hear everyone is very receptive, saying they feel relaxed and soothed, which is a huge compliment. We hope to have the CD's ready by our church's summer concert. It's a lot of work in a short amount of time, but time well spent.

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