Friday, August 26, 2011


Things got a little busy around here, and strangely, I found myself without any computer access.
Let's see...
Cabin trip, school started a few days later, big concert few days after that, followed by EVERYTHING (almost) getting back into full swing for "Fall", even though we technically have another full month of the season we like to call Summer.

It's fascinating.

For my birthday I joined the ranks of Kindle users, and frankly, I have read more books in the last couple weeks than in the last year. It's not that it is simply a new toy either. I can change the font size, and for anyone with eyes over the age of forty, you know that this is a miracle and a VERY GOOD THING.

We had a friend go home to the Lord, we have a friend moving in with us while he re-locates and finds his own apartment, and a daughter possibly moving out, maybe both. It's hard to know, I rarely see them.

May your week end well, and your weekend be a blessing.

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