Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glimpse, Table

Sitting on my (dining)table Monday:

Ginormous rubberband (HUGE, I could fit it around my waist as a belt)
2 JoAnn's circulars
Cell Phone
Insulated cup of ice water
Part of a doorknob
Secret initial list of superheros on lined paper for future project (no idea)
Place mats, salt and pepper, napkins, candles.
Novel: Half Magic
Ponytail holder
Canning cookbook
Vegan cookbook
And I am sure, hidden somewhere in the little rocks around the candles: Lego pieces.

Give me a glimpse into your life...what's on your table?


Anonymous said...

Crumbs, as always. Never can keep it clean, someone is always eating here. A sports bottle filled with water and my center piece. Real exciting huh? LOL ;)

Heather said...

I've been meaning to respond to this for a while. Not because I have exciting things on my table, but it's just such a fun idea!

• three day's worth of mail circulars
• Sunday newspaper still in it's plastic bag
• algebra textbook
• tan shorts with belt attached (the boys seem to undress wherever, whenever, and just walk around in boxers. To be fair, it was 100° yesterday.)
• tin can for holding pencils
• tile samples used as pot trivets
• salt and pepper shakers
• binder paper and spiral notebook
• various pens and pencils

Our table is more homework center/dumping ground than anything else. I can't remember the last time we ate on it :)