Monday, August 1, 2011

Bring Out The C Team

My brother and I were chatting the other day, and somehow conversed regarding clothing. We both had a pattern of having certain clothing for "at home" and others for out of the house, and work. I think everyone does this. I change out of my A team clothing when I get home, especially if I am going to cook. Nothing ruins my clothing faster, one little spatter of something and it's doomed. I think this especially true of anyone that wears all cotton.

So I was thinking about my groupings of clothing:

A Team: For work, church, casual weddings, going out to a nice dinner.

B Team: General wear, shopping, still nice, but more casual.

C Team: This is more formal wear, surprised? These are rarely worn, usually classic peices, that really come out when I am in concert, a more formal wedding, special stuff.

D team: This is the AT HOME ONLY collection. Items that were once cute, but now have a spot or stretched out, or whatever. These are used for messy cooking, painting, gardening, laying around, and if nice enough, camping. Half of these clothes are for family eyes only, some could be worn in front of a visitor, but I'd prefer it if they didn't see me in them.
We all have them, a favorite shirt with a tear or a bad stain. Sweatpants, or in my case, yoga pants, that aren't flattering, but are oh so comfortable. Jeans with holes in places that would be embarrassing in public. You know these clothes.

E team- Seriously, if you have anything worse than the D Team, THROW IT AWAY!

I used to(as in years ago when I had time) sort my closet by colors, then sleeve length etc (don't judge me). I think now in my closet overhaul I will do it by team. There is some cross over, especially with pants, but I think it could work.

What's your favorite D Team item? Go ahead, you can tell me!

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