Monday, July 11, 2011

Triple Treat!

Last week, as planned, we set off to see our friends in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. They were on vacation and camping. I checked weather, and Lori Snoozleberry* and I dicussed our original plans for the beach since a severe thunder storm warning was indeed in affect. It was decided that since the chance of rain was only 30% we would still meet at the beach and then be flexible.

We met them there, sun shining, warm and wonderful. We enjoyed our time playing in the water, jumping off rocks, feeding her youngest watermelon (he LOVES it)and goofing off in general. They lined up so I could snap a family photo when I noticed it: Dark, ominous clouds had gathered and were swiftly blowing down the mountain towards us. We quickly gathered up everything and headed to the cars. The wind picked up and yellow pollen from the pines created a yellow fog over everything. It was so thick. We left the parking lot as the first drops fell, and CRACK, double lightning bolts hit right where we were headed.

And then the skies opened and it let everything go.

The rain was instantly super heavy, and then the hail followed, like giant blueberries. The streets started flooding with yellow tinged water.

We got in front of the storm and headed for their campsite.
Now, during this same time frame Lori received a message on her cell phone from her mother. More friends of ours from San Diego (and still at the church were we all ministered together) had been camping elsewhere put kinda got bored with where they were and headed up to Tahoe and had posted it on FaceBook. Technology, YAY! We were able to get ahold of them and we all met for a yummy dinner at Bridgetender in Tahoe City.

It was a delight and a treat to all be together again. We miss these families dearly. We know we are where God wants us, as do the other families, but He gave us a treat and let us all hang out in the splendor and beauty of lake Tahoe.


Ginny said...

Sure do wish we could have been there to visit as well. Our modern technology is such a mixed blessing isn't it?

I am glad that the Lord picked my heaven on earth for all of you to get together.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! God is so good! Hey Ginny! Miss you guys!