Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There's This Bird

Let's say there's a bird that mostly lives in your yard.
It's really a beautiful bird, and it knows it.

Let's say this bird is addicted to the attention it gets for being pretty, even if it's a cat.

You work with the bird, you try and convince it that it doesn't need outside validation, but inevitably, it goes back to it's behavior and teases the cats.

You have helped heal the wounds left by the cats, more than once.

Do you eventually give up, just because it won't listen anyway? Or do you keep trying?

Is there a line drawn somewhere that clearly gives this answer? When is enough enough? Is it when it costs you something yourself? If they keep coming back, do you ever turn them away?

I like hope.
I like to offer hope.
I think hope could change the lives of millions of people.

Poverty kills it.
Damage as children destroys it.
Verbal and physical abuse silences it for most.
But it's still there. There is a better way to live, there is a life with peace, and purpose and love. And it's a gift, free from a loving God that hates to see His children so lost.

But sometimes people say they know that loving Father, and yet they act out a different life.
Because we are human, damaged, with deep wounds that fester and rot us from the inside. We deny the healing offered and refuse to turn around to see the light. Some refuse to believe they are truly worthy of such love, of such healing, that the death suffered by Jesus was somehow not enough. We all have our moments of doubt. We all have our moments thinking in dark ways.
How do you help some step out of it, when they won't even admit that they are there?

All I have is prayer. So that's what I will do. It is more powerful than words, it is more powerful than earthly actions. I can lay down my worries for this bird. I can turn this bird, with all it's flaws and ignored potential, over to the Lord. He can lead it to it's knees, He can bring it healing. And I can know, without any doubt, that I have done the right thing.

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