Sunday, July 10, 2011


Only, it wasn't a squirrel.

After roasting marshmallows with friends.
After our friends little ones were tucked in and asleep in the tent.
After Spencer crawled into the back seat of the car to sleep after a fun , but long, day at the lake.
After we placed out camping chairs in the trunk and readied ourselves for the hour twenty minute drive home.

The four of us stood in a small square, talking. I was standing across from Troy, who was telling an animated story in the near dark, with only the flicker from the camp fire and a nearby RV light between us.

And then it happened.

Troy finished his current sentence, and was staring over my shoulder, and said the word, "Bear".

I turned as Troy turned on his flash light and about 5 feet behind me was a smallish bear.

Thankfully the flashlight was enough, the bear ambled away.
And we quickly got in the car to leave.

I've seen bears before, I've seen what they can do, and that was the closest, without bars or walls, that I have been to one. I hope to never be closer, thankyouverymuch.


Lori said...

I've been saying, "Bear!" about a lot of things ever since. I just break into it at random times. "Bear!"

Thany said...

It's like you HAD to have the bear come just so you could have some good drama to follow the gathering of Snoozles and Gaydens. :)