Friday, July 29, 2011

Saving The Day, One Playground At A Time

Aaron was playing a gig up at Lake Almanor. I sat nearby on a bench while talking with my brother on the phone when they caught my eye. Little boys in full wrestler style face masks and capes in the playground in front of me. Fearlessly they climbed the structures, jumping at foes, running them out of town. Some capes were authentic, The Flash, and Riddler...wait, he isn't a super hero, oh well. Other capes were towels, flapping in the breeze like international flags.

They played uninhibited of how they looked, confident in their awesomeness.

It was truly delightful.

Until the one kid fell on his arms and rolled around in pain for a minute.
My mom's heart didn't like that much. But in true super hero fashion, his buddies checked on him, helped him up and brushed him off. Then the adventures continued.

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