Friday, June 24, 2011

The Ultimate Provider

I have a sorta big deal wedding to attend on Saturday.

I needed something nice to wear, appropriate for a day time wedding, on a boat, with people who may or may not have a whole lot of money. To say the least, I was a little stressed out. I had little conversations with God about it. I know Aaron prayed for me as well. I never want to be a bad reflection on him, and since he is also providing music for the wedding, it made it that much more important.
Thankfully the weather report says 71 or 72 degrees, perfect. It helps to not worry about sweating like crazy.

I asked one of my daughters to go with me as the big hunt began.
We found a fabulous shirt at our first stop, beautiful color, bling detail to make it look dressier, yet still a comfortable fabric. I also found a beautiful skirt, but the skirt was white so I can't wear it to the wedding. Our 3rd stop had a great sale going on. I wondered around the store and found some great tops for general wear and work, and I found a dress to try on and a little short sleeve sweater to try. It looked nice, but not nice enough. I had grabbed a beautiful skirt, silvery fabric, light, longer. I didn't see a sale tag on the rack, but it was just so pretty. I tried it on and had my daughter go get the shirt from the first stop. It was a perfect combination. Jewelry was on sale too so we bought a bracelet and earrings as well. I looked at the price tag on the skirt. It was $40. To some that may not be much, but for me, especially spending it on myself, it was a lot. I had also picked out a few other shirts. I went ahead and said yes to the skirt,

and it rang up at $15,


God knew I needed shoes to go with it as well(black sling back wedges, so sweet).

It's in these little moments, not because I received a possession, but because I received reassurance, I am loved, the little things that matter to me matter to Him too. It's not all about having stuff, it's about relationship.

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Red Riding Hood said...

Oooh He really is so good. I love it when he provides for our every needs, even ones we wonder why he bothers with. He loves so much!