Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Well, hello again!!
Let's see, since our last meeting my computer caught some viruses,including spyware, and while attempting to clean it up it simply wouldn't stay on long enough.
The internet at work is off (too early by error) for our big office move (move is good,YAY)!
We finally heard back from various places as to what we owe

So, while my husband stepped away from his studio I hurried in here to tell you this:

1. For Alyssa passing her driver license exam! She is officially a driver now! PRAISE GOD!

2. For my niece Kelsey getting a new job, in a real bakery doing cake decorating, this is fabulous because she is quite talented.

3. Miracles. I don't know how the car repair shop bill, the physical therapy bill, and the hospital bill are going to paid, ...I just know that they will be.
God is amazing.

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