Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thankful Tuesday, Summer Among Us

A quick list of thanksgiving:

1. Being home on hot days to open/shut windows and drapes to control the heat in our house. This seriously helps, it's at least 95 outside, but it's 76 inside, NO AC ON!

2. Ice cold watermelon.

3. Tomorrow is my first day in my new office location, wonderful! Bonus, it's much closer to home than before.

4. Our youngest is at camp, and while it is weird that he is gone, and we do miss him, it also means DATE NIGHTS with my Hubby, even if they are at home.

5. Cabin time is being planned, woohoo!

6. Later this week we will experience:
A night at Susie's house (this is a wonderful treat, she is an amazing person)
Baseball game.
Wedding on Lake Tahoe.(More accurately on a boat on Lake Tahoe)
Reception in beautiful home at lake.
Our son's return.

7. One more...100% juice Otter Pops! Oh yeah!